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I am finding it hard to find a suitable buck

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Hello there,

I am finding it hard to locate a buck controller which is suitable for my specs. I want to drive the V-out setting from MCU. I would like to avoid digital pot. Driving it with pwm from MCU through a buffer would be excellent. But then I expect it will be easier to get it stable with a buck with a ref-out (this seems to be very hard to find).  These are the specs:

- External N-FETs
- Vout max of minimum 15V
- Iout max of minimum 6.5A
- Surface mount package with exposed pins (not QFN and similar)
- Available@ farnell

- Less than 500KHz
- Synchronous

Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

Need a few more details, like input voltage range, output voltage range, how well regulated do you want the output and what space limitations do you have?

Thanks Richard,

Off topic: I have worked loads on the voltage reference you helped with, but I have some problems with it which i have failed to fix. I will find time to do it today :D

Input voltage range: 18-17V
Output range: ~1-15V
Space: board size about the same as a credit card.

I am hoping for 5mv Vpp.M

How about an LM25085?


--- Quote from: king.oslo on April 28, 2012, 12:36:32 am ---- Available@ farnell

--- End quote ---

well there's your problem.... why do you limit yourself like that...
go with digikey or mouser. they have 100.000 times more parts than farnell..

Exar has a couple of really cool ones. with external fets. programmable over i2c ... with controlled startup slope and shutdown slope.


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