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I would like to make my own AMD Phenom Two X6. Is liquid cooling practical?

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If I am working more, then I would like to build an AMD Phenom Two X6.  I would like this super desk bottom tower.  Is liquid cooling practical?  Are there motherboards with two AMD Phenom Two X6 processors?  I think this is excessive, not needed.  I like fast computers.  

I have answered my own question by surfing Central Computers store, close to me.  It is 100 miles (161 km).  The AMD Phenom 2 X6 is already 6 cores, more than what I am using currently, core 2 duo at 1.8 GHz by Intel.  The Asus M4A88TD-M motherboard seem is an one AMD Phenom 2 X6, that there are already 6 cores.  

I built my own Intel Core 2 Duo awhile ago at 1.8 GHz, because I was not working much and cannot afford a faster computer.  I was forced to upgrade from a Celeron 800 MHz BookPC BK630e that I have used over the years at San Jose State.  It lasted for 6 years and the power supply burned out and none are available to fit inside the small case.  


I decided to scrap the small BookPC desktop 630e to electronics waste and kept the disk drives and discard the rest of the computer over a burned out power supply.  

I do not need those 6 cores in the AMD Phenom 2 X6.  I would like to use it for Auto CAD to design telescopes and recumbent bicycle concepts.  I do not have geology modeling, rheology.  Rheology is study of fluid matter, which the earth's mantle is a fluid matter and semi sold clay soils and saturated sands and soils are a fluid matter, viscous and oozing flow, "quick sand," and tars and goop low grade crude oil, and yuk.  You could not suctioned into quick sand, that is just saturated sand.  It is easier to float on quick sand than water, because quick sand is more denser, just carefully swim in it, messy, yuk.  The movies exaggerated about quick sand, a semi fluid, saturated sand.




Well, this is my specialist subject :)

Can you clarify what you mean by 'making your own Phenom II x6' please? Do you mean building a computer based around a Phenom II x6? Or do you mean using 2 of them in one system?

This probably isn't the best forum for these question, I would recommend somewhere like Overclockers UK. Although I will be able to help you with this with no worries :)

Just let me know what you mean and I'll help you out.

mineral oil cooling can do wonders...

but really.... a 12 core system? to do what? I assume you will be earning really really $$$ :)


--- Quote from: Polossatik on April 18, 2011, 10:08:19 pm ---mineral oil cooling can do wonders...

but really.... a 12 core system? to do what? I assume you will be earning really really $$$ :)

--- End quote ---

Bitcoin?  ;D

You cannot get a duel socket AM3 motherboard, you will need to go Intel if you want that. I would wait for the new AMD Bulldozer CPUs to become available as they use a brand new architecture that should see better real world speeds. Plus some of these CPUs will be 8-core which should be plenty for encoding. If you want a fast computer for gaming and general use, do not look for cores, get a 4 or even 2 core CPU with a high clock speed. And it pains me to say it as a Phenom II x6 owner, Intel will be a lot better for gaming and general use.

Also, if you are looking for general responsiveness get yourself a nice SSD. Maybe even look at the OCZ Revodrive x2 which is amazingly fast but super-expensive.


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