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IDC header gender changer

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I am looking for something very simple, but for some reason I could not find anything.

I have some boards with male 2.54 pin headers, like the GPIO header on the raspberry pi. And I'd like to stack them.

I am looking for female to female adapter, but I must be looking in the wrong category because after 1h I can't find anything.

To put it simply, the inverse of that:


I need 2 rows 40 pin 2.54mm, but it can be 2x 20pin if I can put them side by side.

Female/Female could be made with a small PCB and two SMT Female connectors.

Male/Female does exist for stacking boards as you will know

I thought of the small PCB, but I'll keep that of small resort.

one-of or production?

if one-of just solder two females together


--- Quote from: langwadt on July 31, 2022, 02:21:28 am ---one-of or production?

if one-of just solder two females together

--- End quote ---

Two, I soldered the connectors on the wrong side from my prototypes.

Your idea is brilliant, I'll just do that. I have low profile SMT headers lying around that should work.


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