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Idea for a project: Embedded device designed for standalone programming


Hello guys,

Here's a suggestion for an open source hardware project:

It seems that in our days all consumer embedded systems are designed to be programmed from a PC.
Why cant we develop a handheld embedded device designed for being programmable from within, as standalone?

I know we can use a regular laptop for software development, but it just doesn't seem the same as some portable PC's back in the 80's like the ZX Spectrum for example:

So here's the idea... a cheap embedded system... designed with a open source IDE/compiler to build executables for the machine itself, probably a small querty keyboard in it, some sort of display or just vga/hdmi output.

and why not a expansion socket, designed to be completely open and versatile like the arduino IOs.

What do you think?

André Barata

What price range are you looking at? Android tablets start at about $100.


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