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That's for a different part, that one is without internal diode.

OK, so that was really annoying Hero999. It was condescending and unhelpful.

What I was trying to get across when I said that I couldn't find the datasheet, was that a search of the Fairchild web site didn't turn up any hits. Neither did using their product selector. In fact, that part that the OP pointed out no longer even follows the Fairchild IGBT naming scheme on a general level.

Yes, there may be a datasheet that comes up in google. It may even come from the Fairchild website. I can probably find a datasheet for an 8086 on the Intel website if I tried hard enough. Using google as your datasheet finder will often fool you into using discontinued parts in a design. For some parts, like a TO-247 package IGBT where the pinout is standard, this may not matter. For others, it may be critical. Always check with the manufacturer.


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