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Im confused about charging 3s4p


So if I put 4 cells in parallel , and then 3 of those in series. Made up of  18650 cells , to get 12ish volts .
           I want to charge that  from a wall outlet . So I have some drone stuff and I found an Iflight M4ac balance charger 1-4s .
     Can that take the place of a BMS , or will I have to find a BMS and balance cable , and or still use the iflight charger to display the 4ps?
   How does the BMS or Iflight know each of the 4 Ps  is balanced ? Will  each one see them as one cell if in parallel.

Sorry this gets confusing for me . Youtube videos show me how to build it but I am learning the rest through asking question about what is correct .

 Also if I have 1 group of 4 18650 cells in parallel , do i need a balance wire for each cell or just 1 for the pack ?

Parallel cells are effectively balanced by definition (but only connect cells in parallel when they are already the same voltage).  Balancing is in regards to series cells only.

A "BMS" monitors cells during discharge (and charge) to ensure that they do not get too-high voltage, too-low voltage, or too-high current. 

Since you do not have your battery charger connected when you are discharging the cells, you should have a "BMS" or "Protection" board to do that built onto the pack preferably.

Your charger is capable of balancing the cells, sometimes a BMS board is capable of that also, you need to examine the capabilities of the BMS.

ok so I think  I still need to wire in the balance lead so the charger can see the 3Ps , The charger uses a xt30 and jst connector , so i guess its just like charging my drone batteries ? I still need a bms board as a protection device , but i cannot find one that is clearly a good product , Amazon is no help , they have many but where do people get reliable products from ?


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