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This is not electronics in its strict sense, but electrostatics, which being part of electrical engineering, might be of interest to some of the forum members. I am posting it here because there are many electrical engineers with masters degree here who can easily refresh their knowledge of electrostatics and offer valuable input about the subject presented in the paper.

All experts are invited to find any grave error in the calculations of the below paper that would explain and fix the presented contradictions. (But please, point out the exact error, and also show the correct way of calculation). No satisfactory explanation for this paradox has been found since 2003 when it was first published (at least I am not aware of any). Alternatively if anyone reads and understands the calculations, and can't not find any grave error in them, then it would be greatly appreciated, if you would post that you haven't found any error. This would help as much as finding an error. Here is the paper:

Inconsistencies in EM Theory - the Kelvin Polarization Force Density Contradiction

Calculations of resultant electrostatic force on a charged spherical or cylindrical capacitor with two sectors of different dielectrics, based on the classical formulas of electrostatic pressure, Kelvin polarization force density, and Maxwell stress tensor predict a reactionless force that violates Newton’s 3rd law. Measurements didn’t confirm the existence of such a reactionless thrust, thus there is an apparent inconsistency in the classical EM theory that leads to wrong results.

for printing there is a high resolution (300DPI) version (10MB) at:

If you want a low resolution smaller file version, you can download this:

It is sufficient to read only the first 22 pages, the rest (Appendix) is only the description of the used measurement equipment.

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