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insides of Tektronix 2230 dso

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I saw Dave's video of the insides of his 2215 so I thought I would post some pictures of my 2230 storage scope. Its very amazing how much is in one of these and just how complex they are. It was when thing were built to last and the design is amazing. The top is pretty much made of ic's from many brands including Texas Instruments, Intel, Motorola, Sony, AMD, and some Tektronix specialty ones. Not common you see such a wide diversity if ic brands. It surprised me but made me laugh that a brand like Tektronix especially back then had ic's from Malaysia and Mexico. I was expecting all USA. This is my primary scope for now and I love it because of the storage and the cursors to tell voltage and time. Yes it has a fan on the back and what I found interesting is there was a seal on the corner from GE.. don't know if you can see it in the picture. Sorry for the quality of the pictures I took them in the dark and with my 1080x1920 camera.

Looks a lot like my 2221A, the top board is hinged, it is pretty neat. On mine I can disconnect the RS232 board cable, remove all of the screws and it will lift right up and the little black plastic thing clips into the frame of the scope to hold it vertically. Very cool design, makes servicing easy since all of the adjustments are under that board.

Dave's 2225 looks nearly empty inside compared to these.

EDIT: Does yours have the surfing wizard easter egg?

Yes the design is incredible just think how much time went into designing it. I have a 2213A which is empty like Dave's, it's the digital storage and all the other bells and whistles that make ours complex inside. There is a pretty big weight difference too these dso's are heavy compared to normal oscilloscopes.

And the best thing about these scopes is that you can select between digital and pure analog operation.

Exactly.  All it takes is the push of a button, I love it. And to be honest I think analog scopes are much faster than today's digital scopes. Don't get me wrong the scopes today can do much more, but they are not as fast and direct. It's always great to have an old analog scope lying around. What's funny is when I watch the science channel  and still see NASA using old tektronix analog scopes. You know there's a reason for that because they have the money to buy $40k oscilloscopes


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