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Instrument Amplifier gets Warm



I made a microphone preamp using a INA217 Instrument Amplifier IC at the heart of it and to power the overall circuit I used an LT1054 switch cap voltage converter to give me upto -15/+15 voltage, the whole circuit works fine however I am very new to using Instrument amplifier IC's and when this circuit is running it gets warm - not too hot to touch or anything just noticeably warm I just want to know if this is normal really.

You are running at +-15V with a 10mA quiescent current, so that is 300mW in the amp - you should feel it as a little warm.



thankyou, so it won't damage the IC or shorten its life at all?

No. It is exactly the way that that particular IC works.

You can get much lower power IC's, but that is probably a pretty nice chip, if you don't mind the 300mW.



no, I don't mind the 300mW - I should have probably read the datasheet a bit more closely I was shocked when I plugged in the old DMM and saw the power usage but it's not a problem - it'll be mains powered

thanks so much for the info


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