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Interesting new USB chips from WCH

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I found some interesting new/improved USB peripheral chips:


of which I like especially:
CH342 USB to VCP/CDC 3 Mbps speed dual serial port
with ID EEROM and RS485 support and 1.8 - 5V I/O, in a 10- or 24-pin package:

CH347 USB to VCP/CDC/HID 9 Mbps UART + (UART / I2C+SPI / JTAG) serial port
with ID EEROM and RS485 support (3V3 I/O), in a 20- or 28-pin package:
Could be perfect for low-cost chip programmers!

Drivers for linux:

Another interesting one; USB Host and Device HID (Mouse+Keyboard) over serial link e.g. for KVM switches:

I have purchased one of the CH347 boards in the hope of using it to read a 1MS/s SPI ADC, but it has no interrupt capability on the chip. I spoke with one of their reps and he said that the capability was there it just hadn't been added to the DLL. Said that an update would be coming around September, but as yet nothing.

update; I saw in the footnotes that the CH347 is a high speed USB2 device rather than a low-speed device,
and that it seems also to support an SWD mode, so it is useful as debugger device as well:

CH347 implements 480Mbps High-speed USB to JTAG, USB to SWD, USB to High-speed SPI, USB to I2C, USB to High-speed UART, etc.
It can be used for CPU debugger, FPGA downloader, programmer, etc

Yes, a nudge slower top baud than ft232h but cheaper, smaller, and better baud granularity above 2Mbd
Iirc I tested 96MHz/N for 2M+, and 144M/N for the > 6M speeds.

On interesting new USB chips, I also see lattice have a new fpga with HS-USB hardened module.


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