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Inverted Alligator Clips?

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Are there test clips that work opposite direction of alligator clips? I want the clips to compress whilst pressed and open whilst let go. I want to measure inside different diameter holes using spring force to hold the clip.


I think crocodile clips are sprung outward, with a sort of crossover action.  You would have to experiment with different modifications to remove the parts you don't want, and shape the jaws.  This only works if you have a file and pliers and don't mind getting your hands a little dirty!  :-)

Why not use a spring loaded, inexpensive hole gauge (attachment)?  They come in quite small sizes.  The ends are domed so they self-center a little, but not as well as much more expensive 3-tab hole gauges.

How on earth does an inverted alligator clip help you measure an I.D.? One would think you would use standard methods like inside calipers or any standard accurate measuring means.

I don't think OP wants to measure the ID; this is an electronics forum, and I think he wants to make electrical measurements.  Inside holes.  Of various sizes.

Thus... something vaguely like an alligator clip that works backwards; tension outward, gripping the inner wall. 


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