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Can somebody recognize the IR encoding protocol? I was looking and it reminds me something from IrDA, something RC5, something RECS80 and little bit of one Philips protocol as well but still I can't recognize it properly. It's small wireless keyboard for PDAs, it works with IrDA on PDA but I'm not sure if that is complaint with IrDA, it needs own driver and like the remote control apps I think it works in his own way and is not complaint with IrDA. On picture are 2 captured signals, one when the key was pressed and one when the is released, they are similar and then others pictures are just close ups from different parts. The whole signal takes about 5ms and usual (but not always) the spacing between slopes (together with the slope itself) is around 100uS. The first 7 spikes looks like are present on every key press. The reason why I don't want to record the codes and just play them back blindly is because I want to understand it. I think the device will be more robust when it will know what is it doing and why. And then I want 3 things, be able interact with PDA inside car just using same software. So In my car I have 4 way navigation buttons integrated and I have them connected to my MCU to navigate inside LCD menu etc... This way I could interact with PDA satnav without leaving hands from steering wheel. So in this case I want use already made driver and software and mimic the keyboard with different device. Later I want write driver for linux and keeping the the hardware keyboard so this time I don't need to build new hardware. And the last thing I want have PC keyboard altered to transmit that signal + having opportunity to extend devices capabilities (new codes, specials key etc...) and that won't be possible till I won't recognize how it working.

Thank you. Anton.

PS: When I will be finished I could publish it. The original driver is working on WM2003-2005 and 6.1 devices (and perhaps more, just I didn't had opportunity to test it)


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