Author Topic: MiniSAS to U.2 pinout?  (Read 239 times)

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MiniSAS to U.2 pinout?
« on: June 03, 2023, 06:57:24 am »

Help me untangle this, I'm missing something.

I bought one of these PCIe MiniSAS HD (SFF-8643) cards.
There is no mention of it having to use any specific type of cable, so I assumed there is a standard for it.
I'm looking at the SFF-9402 Multi-Protocol Internal Cables for SAS and/or PCIe spec that I would think should cover this. It has a bunch of tables showing what goes where in cable assemblies with various connector combinations.

The problem is that on my board other than the PCIe TX RX pairs everything is going to a totally different pin.

Let's assume I want to run this thing with it:
Which document describes the signal pinout for that use case?

Does anyone of you have experience with these standards? Am I looking at the wrong doc or... ?

The MiniSAS HD-MiniSAS HD (SFF-8643) cable I have seems to follow the signal crossing rules in the SFF-9402 standard.

However on the PCIe card other than the PERxN/PETxN pairs there is total mixup. For e.g. The PCIe refclock +- goes to A1 and A2 instead of C1 D1 as the doc suggests.
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