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is there a similar IC to the Attiny85 with less i/O and cheaper?

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is there a similar IC to the Attiny85 with less i/O and cheaper?

A lot of times I only use 2 I/O pins on the ATTINY85 and was wondering if there's  a cheaper IC that I can still program the same why with just less I/O pins?

I use a lot of cheap 8-bit controllers from Holtek. They have a lot of functionality for the cost and I put a lot of them into high volume cost-controlled products. Especially the ones with flash like HT66F0021, HT68F if you could access them and get the programmer it would be ideal for a hobbyist. https://www.holtek.com/producthome/-/pid/402/422
There have some dirt cheap OTP versions available and also look at Padauk, they have some open programmer developed and the chips are available at LCSC.

Hard to answer without more details. In AVR? The general response is not really. The 25 with less memory should be cheaper but... You may not find any of the older AVR parts to be any cheaper than the 84/85 as they are at or nearing end of life and that’s where the volume is.

To move to the newer, cheaper tinyAVR-0/1/2 parts, you’ll need a UPDI programmer. You can build one from an Arduino Nano/mini in a pinch. There you’ll find some 6 pin surface mount parts.


--- Quote from: bigjoncoop on August 27, 2021, 04:21:36 am ---is there a similar IC to the Attiny85 with less i/O and cheaper?

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Maybe ATtiny13?  But I think the smallest pin count is 8.

From other producers I've heard Padauk has some dirt-cheap MCUs, only a few cents.  There are some threads about Padauk MCUs on the EEVblog, IDK which one to recommend https://www.eevblog.com/forum/microcontrollers/padauk-pfs154-getting-started/

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If that's the same as the so called debug wire, I've made one out of a USB to serial adapter and a diode.  It works as a hardware debugger, with hardware breakpoints, memory change/inspect, GDB, GUI from Eclipse and all the fancy debugging features:  https://www.eevblog.com/forum/microcontrollers/avr-(arduino)-linux-debug/

Attiny 4/5/9 are way cheaper in SOT-23-6 (about $0.35) - The Tiny Programming Interface (TPI)
Or that new ATTINY202 in SOIC8 (about $0.425) - Single Pin Unified Program Debug Interface (UPDI)


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