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Is this power supply good for a newbie Digimess DP3005


Flavour Flave:
Hi I'm considering buying ex-demo Dimess DP3005 benchtop powersupply. Comes with six months warranty. Bit less than half retail price. Selling for £100
Are they a good make?
Can be operated in constant voltage or constant current modes
Here are the specs.

No. of outputs.                   Single
No. of stored outputs.          3
Output voltage                   0-30V
Output current                   0-5A
Resolution                          V:10mV A:10mA
Line regulation                    CV:<5mV  CC:<5mA
Load regulation                   CV:<5mV  CC:<5mA
Ripple & noise                     CV:<1mVrms

Link to pdf herehttp://www.digimessinstruments.co.uk/datasheets/english/dpserieseng.pdf
Thankyou for any advice
Yep I've posted this in the wrong section.

They look good to me, programmable ease, yet linear supply.  The only con is the brand name, I'm not familiar with them.

The website suggests they used the name Grundig in the past, not sure how related they were; Grundig is a brand for consumer electronics.

The product listing has some items I recognize at least externally, as Chinese products sold under many different names.


For example, in the pic the HY3003, look just like the Mastech PSU by the same number, HY3003.


Flavour Flave:
Well I'm  a bit hasty. After looking at some others I bought it anyway about half an hour ago. Well I suppose I paid extra for the 3 programmable memories which will be useful.
Well I will check it out with my Rigol DSO when I get it in couple of days and post the screenshots in this thread. Thanks for the replies.
Ps Well its bloody about time I stopped writing "well" so many times and develop a better writing style ;D


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