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Is this the right fiber optic keystone for this connector


The fiber optic cable in my home typically goes through a wall from the ISP, it looked ugly so i decided to place a wall panel that has a blank keystone on it,

I would like to do some sanity check before i buy if this is the right fiber optic keystone for these connectors

Here are the images of the connector.




Im buying some other stuff from this store, so it would be great if this is correct.


Is this keystone a male-female? male at the back female at the front? so i wont have to call somebody to splice the cable

Looks like the right part by the datasheet and PN, digikey listing is incorrect, listing it as an ST, but errors in their listing isn't that rare.

As far as what kind of cable, there are no cord mount sockets for fiber that are common enough to worry about. If there are, they most likely consist of a plug with a coupler integrated into the connector.

Fiber connections are a ceramic ferrule with a hole in the center, that the fiber gets secured in, cleaved offs and polished with a slight dome/radius to it.  The coupler holds the mating plugs coaxial with each other with another different ferrule and the core of the fibers themselves touch, with the spring mechanism in the connector applying force to hold them together.
Given the fiber core is around 9 microns in singlemode fiber, it doesn't take much dirt to interfere, either by obscuring the core, or spacing the connector faces apart, keep them clean, don't touch the ends, get a can of air duster at minimum to blow them off. If there is no oil on the end, dirt wont stick and can be blown off.

You'll install the keystone and run a SC single mode simplex patch cord from the wall to your modem.  Look at the length of cord you have available to you now, you should see something like "9/125 OS2" written on it, if so, that's just bog standard single mode fiber, and a patch cable will be easy to find.

Thank you! will go ahead and place my order :)

This is my first time playing with fiber optic connection so i dont really know what are the common connectors


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