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Keweisi power monitor



Some time back I bought a keweisi usb power monitors. It would be useful.
As I had lots of usb mains adapters  and cables around.  And wanted to know which combination of cables and usb mains adapter  delivered the best power output when charging a phone.

I had not used it anywhere  other than the above.

I thought it would also be handy when plugging in the the development boards connected to circuits into the laptop to monitor any over current conditions.

Not sure if it was a good idea. As of now the laptop fan is going like crazy.
Never had such trouble with circuits and development boards being connected to the laptop before this.
I'm suspecting spyware  I can not be absolute but something's odd. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


Terry Bites:
It could be a way of sneaking spyware in to your laptop- but I doubt it, unless your OS is very out of date.

If its an MAC the fan going crazy is normal part of pre-programmed melt down process.


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