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Kill-A-Watt Clone Viewing Angle Off (Large Screen)


Hey,  I just received my new(est) kill-a-watt clone meter.  I bought one with the newer large, backlit screens.  The issue is that you can hardly see it looking straight at it and the viewing angle is down about 25 degrees.  It's a real problem if you plug it into a low outlet and have to lay on the floor to read it.
Has anyone else had this issue and figured out a fix for it?  And yes. I also just noticed the reset button in the center front in the picture (I'll try it).

I've always found the Kill-a-Watt to be a pain to read when it's plugged into the outlet.  I almost always use an extension cord or power bar to bring it up to me rather than me crawling down to the outlet.  If you're working with a heavy load, use a heavy cord.


The only reason I bought this unit was because it has a backlight so I could see it easily.  I have to use a flashlight with my older unit.  (sigh)  I tried the reset and it didn't help of course.
I assume there's no way to adjust it, that the contrast and viewing angle are all part of the screen.  I looked at a number of them on youtube and it doesn't look like any of them have this problem.

Edit:  After some more reading, it looks like the bias angle (center of the viewing angle) is preset for the display.  The viewing angle is +/- degrees from the bias angle.  There's not much I can do with this to improve it except to look for an angled outlet adapter maybe.

It would be a lot of work, if it's possible at all, but some LCDs can be disassembled.  Then you could rotate the polarizing sheet which would rotate the viewing angle.

It's also possible that there's an internal contrast adjustment, but I wouldn't hold my breath.



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