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LCR measurements at high DC bias - Agilent 16065A DC bias fixture teardown

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Hi all,

Recently picked up a bit of kit that I had been on the lookout for. This is an Agilent 16065A DC bias LCR test fixture. It allows you to apply up to a 200 volt DC bias to a DUT while safely connecting it to any 4 terminal pair LCR meter. As you can imagine, quite useful if you would like to characterize parts like MLCCs.

I never saw any pictures or examples of one being used in the wild, so this was quite fun to pick it up and have a look inside. Also, made some measurements up to 200 volts and got pretty darn close to the curves shown in the part datasheet.

Lots of pics and details here: https://neonkev.com/2022/01/22/lcr-measurements-at-high-dc-bias-voltages-how-and-why-agilent-16065a-dc-bias-lcr-fixture-restoration-and-measurements/


What a complex add-on fixture.
Some time ago I made an adaptor for the same purpose (comparison of different MLCC ceramic types) for our good old 4284a.
For sure without all the fancy interlock and discharge details, it consisted of four components on perf board iirc.
Two large foil capacitors for DC decoupling of the instrument and two resistors for AC decoupling of the source.
And two springy pieces of silver wire to hold the chip capacitors.
Did the job surprisingly well :-)

Conrad Hoffman:
We have one of those Keysight LCR meters at work. Nice piece of kit until you find out how much they want for a calibration.  :palm:

Yes, good old HP designed over engineering. The fixture is quite well made, sturdy sheet metal, all the switches and hinges mate perfectly. I suppose you do get something for your money besides a few capacitors haha!

That sounds like an interesting project. If you have any pics or schematics that would be great! The schematic for the 16065A is in the service manual, I attached a pic.

I'm not certain on why film capacitors seem to be preferable... is it a matter of quality factor or is it just for overall capacitance and voltage rating?

I just checked out the calibration price on the Keysight online service portal... $507.00 USD for a standard cal. Is that relatively high considering the cost of the instrument?


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