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Leaded solder recommendation (China import?)

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While I have moved to lead-free solder for some of my hobby work, I still need leaded for repairing old stuff, and I do prefer it for through-hole joints. I didn't see the EU ban on leaded solder for consumer customers coming, so my stock is running low.

Buying directly from AliExpress seems to be one of the few remaining options. Can anyone recommend a brand of leaded solder with good flux which is available there? (Good activation, easy cleaning, not-too-nasty smell while soldering? I had some Stannol solder with halogen-free flux which gave off a terrible vapor; would prefer not to repeat that experience...)

Thanks for your recommendations!

I once bought some no-name solder from an auction site and the flux had an absolutely awful smell. Kinda like reflowing solder joints in bottom of the barrel electronics from China, go figure. So I would be careful with AliExpress specials too.

Try brick and mortar stores or even hobby oriented internet stores selling brand name solder. A least here, many of them still haven't got the memo (or pretend so).

I checked Mouser and they seem to still carry leaded solder (both 60/40 and 63/37) with no apparent restrictions. Also, my local electronics store (I'm in Italy) still has it and the last time I bought some (a couple years ago max) they didn't even say a thing about it being banned; no idea which brand it is (the spool simply says "super solder wire") but I've never had problems with it (it doesn't have that nice rosin smell though)

Not used it myself, but I think it has been mentioned
in other threads that the Mechanic brand is ok.

I buy my solder from CPC in the UK. I only use leaded solder. I never bother with the lead free.



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