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Lexmark toner chip Ti046b1

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I have a Lexmark CS310dn color Laser printer which has 4 cartridges which I bought about 150$.
Each of them has a chip  Ti046b1 which probably counts the number of copies ( I guess but may be wrong)
When the count is over in one cartridge, the printer stops.
A replacement black cartridge is 100$.

What is the real mechanism for this chip protection ?

Where can I find the datasheet or the pinout of the  Ti046b1 ?  I was not able to find it on the web. It seems that it is a FRAM memory, but I am not sure.

How to reset this printer chip ?

There are some chip available on the web, with the lexmark PCB, but rather expensive (about 25 $) while the chip can be available for only 1$ on  aliexpress. Should a simple replacement of the chip on the board work ?
It is a TSSOP 8 chip, and there nothing else on the board except some decoupling caps.

Thanks for any information on these Ti046b1 chips and chip protection mechanism.

It is a simple EEProm, used to store the count of pages printed and toner fill state. Also has a key that is used to authenticate the cartridge to the printer, and a cartridge serial number.

Try looking in printer refill suppliers for the compatible chips, which are either a programmed chip or a small micro that always reports the cartridge is full.

Thanks, but is it possible to  read and change the values in this eeprom ?

And what is the pinout ?

This is the chip

And from what I have looked I got the following schematics, with the 4 pads  JP1-4 connecting to the printer

Looks like an I2C eeprom from the chip pinout, so...

J1 ground
J3 Vdd


--- Quote from: Howardlong on April 24, 2016, 10:18:29 am ---Looks like an I2C eeprom from the chip pinout, so...

J1 ground
J3 Vdd

--- End quote ---

Thanks for this guess which lead me to try. I have a small I2C address reader that I made a while ago. The correct pinout is in fact

J1 ground
J3 Vdd

Then I got the I2C Address : 0x78

What should now be the way to go ?


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