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LiFePo4 Chargers


I need to charge 5 14.4V LiFePo4 batteries in parallel and am l looking for chargers that can be easily mounted and hopefully have access to the Charging Status LEDs.
The requirement for the charger are:
1. Charging current > 2A
2. Indicators to show status -> Charging -> Charged -> Fault
3. Easy to Mount -> DIN Rail or Open Frame or anything that can be mounted

I have encountered some Deskop / Power Brick type chargers but haven't found chargers that can be mounted inside a box. It would be really helpful if anyone could suggest some good chargers.

I have a Noco genius 5 charger that supports 12V lifepo4 batteries. It comes with a mounting bracket, and the included cable uses battery clamps that attatch using ring terminals, so all you need is a screwdriver to convert from clamps to ring terminals. It is meant more as a jack of all trades charger rather than a dedicated lifepo4 charger, but always auto detects lifepo4 batteries for me somehow so I don't have to set the mode.


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