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Light board reaction test


I would like to know the type of led (the intensity) that I will need in order to do a light board reaction test like the batak (www.batak.com) ? I thought it will have to be with a high intensity like the LXHL-MD1D (http://www.luxeonstar.com/Luxeon-Star-LED-Red-Lambertian-44-lm-p/lxhl-md1d.htm) (44 lumens) because I wanted to put a little piece of translucent plastic over it (see the batak) but perhaps it's too high ?
Any idea ?
Thank you.

It doesn't matter if it's a bit too bright.  You can always dim it with PWM.

Thank you for the answer.
Of course I can dim it with PWM but that's not exactly the what I wanted. I'll ask it an other way :
What is, according to you, the intensity (in lumens for example) of the leds used in the batak www.batak.com ?
Thank you.

Looking at that video I'd say it's probably 100mA of white led or leds.
Though it's hard to tell just what might be needed if the device was outside in bright sun light.

The only way to know is to buy a few types and see how well they work.
If you don't need the full 1watt then you may find it cheaper to use 1-4  50mA high flux piranha leds rather than one 350mA 1W star led.

Just make sure you use wide angle leds. They are so much better at illuminating things evenly.
Anything over 100deg is fine.

If you're looking for places to buy lots of leds for cheap check out these two places
I've used both before without any issues.


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