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LM317 specifications question

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--- Quote from: wraper on February 22, 2024, 05:17:46 pm ---You could add a Zener diode in series to reduce input voltage. Do not forget that LM317 requires 5-10mA minimum load depending on what flavor of LM317 you use, voltage divider can act as such if resistor values are low enough.

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Something sort of like this in attached file?

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Just put a zener between the input and output. A series resistor can be added to limit the surge. The downside to this is there's no short circuit protection. You could increase the value of the series resistor or add a small, fast blow fuse.

This is what I built in the end. Runs quite well. No parts get hot. All within their power specs.
See diagram attached.

Keep in mind that RL will be dissipating ~330 mw. At minimum use a 1/2w device for that.


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