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Locking headers as programming pins? anyone else?

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Ever since i got the sparkfun eagle library i fell in love with somthing many people overlook

headers they call "locking" headers ... there offset from eachother so you can stick a regular spaced header in to them and it squeezes them in place like this

i honestly have not see this being used before but for all my prototypes i use this as the programming headers  ... as there much much easier to use than pogo pins and there cheaper than putitng headers on everything! especially if your project has no other headers on them!

does anyone else use these?

i never had any of the problems i thought i would have with them like a poor connection or anything (granted i use gold plated headers for my programmers)

they also make it a real ease to solder some in! ... personally i hate soldering in headers in normal pitch boards!

EDIT: you can get the library on there GIT https://github.com/sparkfun/SparkFun-Eagle-Libraries ... i highly suggest installing the whole thing there are lots of nice components in there!

I've not used this before but i will for my next PCB.
Seems like a great idea.

Hi, great idea  :-+

We was thinking about TAG-Connect, also a good solution for mass production  ;)


--- Quote from: Memphis on April 29, 2013, 10:15:25 am ---Hi, great idea  :-+

We was thinking about TAG-Connect, also a good solution for mass production  ;)

--- End quote ---

i have used something similar to tag (dont remember the name) ... worked great for personal programming AND production where  you use there cable for personal and pogos for production

but they never caught on and i found myself just using pads

this is the first time i have SEEN a tag system (heard of them before) and i will look at them in the future ... THANKS!

... i wonder if they have 10 pin ARM jtag ...

10-pin tag connector is marked as: TC2050-IDC-NL 10-Pin No-Legs Cable with Ribbon connector.
Was finding it too ;D , than you just select your logic layout on your own, didnt find any standard for JTAG except for that 20pin JTAG huge connection.


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