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looking for 5Nm, low RPM servo motor

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Hey, i need a servo motor that can provide 5Nm at very low rpms, i have looked through rs electronics catalogue and all theirs are rated for high rpms, about 4000. I only need very low speeds - about 1-10 rpm would be fine.any suggestions? thanks

Servo motors are rated at a max speed you can make them run at 10 rpm if you like. Servo motor and Drive are not cheep. What sort of accuracy do you need with the motor and what is it for.

The motors will be attached to a lead-screw to lift an ~85kg weight to a precise angle. I need at least 10 degree accuracy. The high rpm motors are expensive and i would be paying for unnecessary power.

Depends on what you consider expensive.

Have a look at Keling, they provide steppers and servos for CNC use..

thanks geoff. i guess what im really after is a geared servo motor. although a high rpm one would work, it just seems like a waste of size and power

could i use a stepper motor for this? im not sure if a 'holding torque' of 5Nm could turn a 5Nm torque?


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