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looking for a long gear/extruded spur gear

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I need a long gear for a project, im sure theres a name for what i want but i havent been able to find anything.

It needs to be like a cylinder with teeth going lengthways, the opposite of a worm gear almost. the rest of the project can be adapted to its pitch diameter etc. Preferably a diameter of 35mm and about 10cm long.

i have though of getting it custom made but im sure somebody would sell something like this..

Look up timing belts or pulleys and you/ll find something like this:

is this what you're after?

yeah pretty much that but it needs to be able to mesh properly with a spur gear. the thread on that looks more rectangular

Does the word "pinion" help?

How about this,

HPC are very good, had them make some custom gears for me for robot wars, was surprisingly cheap


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