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Looking for bench power supply suggestions

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I think I'm at the point that using a USB cord from a wall plug is no longer feasible for my prototyping. I'd like to get a decent, not too expensive, bench supply.

The only things I know enough to know I care about are: I'd like to be able to change the voltage, and I'd like it to tell me how much current the circuit is drawing.

This power supply will be used on arduino projects, leds, servos, ect; i.e. small hobby projects. I would be using it during the breadboard phase. Checking the amps used from the supply would tell me how big of a wall wart/battery I need to get for whatever the project is. I don't really know but I imagine the biggest projects I would be building would be 3-5 amps. If that's not enough information to give decent suggestions please let me know what else you need.

Thank you!

The answer is you will never have enough power supplies or one for all applications  :-DD

Quick and dirty option is get an old FREE PC power supply and one of these sort of boards eBay auction: #295931682575 This will get you a good step up from basic wallwarts.

Another option is building your own power supply bricks https://www.aliexpress.com/store/345286 is the source for these, follow the datasheets and either DCDC or even Mains to DC these are working really well. Laser cut cases are mine but roll your own 3D printed ones too.

From there you move up to Variable PSU's. You can start off at $10-15 from AliX or Evilbay and use your converted PC supply (or similar) to get you some current limiting and variable voltage. Some of these are total trash and noisy but some are good.

Apart from it is a great 'project' to learn from I wouldn't in this day and age look at designing my own let alone spending the time to build it. Heretic I may be but my time has a value :-//

Used Linear supplies as you are in the USA are where I would look in particular at the Hewlett Packard era gear.

Not right or wrong but some ideas to consider :)

KORAD KA3005P is a pretty solid choice for a lab power supply.


--- Quote from: ataradov on September 27, 2023, 05:19:56 am ---KORAD KA3005P is a pretty solid choice for a lab power supply.

--- End quote ---

This came up in amazon when looking at the one you mentioned and it's about half the price. Thoughts? Wanptek DPS3010

if you want a good cheap switcher.....


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