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Looking for tiny U-channel

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I'm trying to find tiny U-channel. I need the inside opening to be ~1.6 mm to accept a typical PCB. The sides must be tall enough to grip and hold the PCB, bun not obscure significant parts of it, so no more than 1 mm. The wall thickness - does not matter that much, I imagine that being rolled from sheet metal.  Material is probably going to be steel given the requirements, but any metal would do.

Ability to get in bulk is great, but I'm fine with ripping it out of something cheap for the prototype. I only need a few inches.

The closest I could think of is hardware on umbrellas. But it is not easy to find, since Amazon pictures don't show the hardware close enough and local stores don't tend to carry umbrellas in California :)

I want to make a low profile PCB holder/vice of sorts, but I need the actual holders to be as non-intrusive as possible.

It probably does not need to be U-channel, it probably can be just an angle. But I'm not sure an angle this tiny would be structurally sound.

Ideas are welcome.

Alex Eisenhut:
Does it need to be metal? I'd look for plastic grommet strips.


Otherwise you're looking for an extruded channel, although I don't know if they go that small.


It has to survive soldering temperatures, so plastics are probably out.

Extruded aluminum is too bulky and I don't think commonly available stuff is that small.

I was thinking more of folded sheet metal like in the picture. Lightweight, simple and rigid enough. No idea if it is available as a standalone product though.

1439-1330-ND seems reasonable, kind of has flange you could bolt to vice jaws. Datasheet is a little sparse on details though

This is still too heavy duty. I need this for a vice for soldering under the microscope.The holder must be as much out of the way as possible. The goal is to have the vice body outside of the field of view, so it could be bulky, but it will not obstruct the view.

I don't think any sort of extrusion would work, they all just too bulky. The maximum length it needs to support is 100 mm or even less.


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