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Low power (<10uA ideal) Ideal diode, up to 13v

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So as per the title, all the ideal diodes that are low power consumption seem to cap at 5v5, maybe 6, but I would like one that caps at minimum, 13v (3 lipos series, so 12v6 to be exact), current 500mA would be nice but ok with about 100mA, so not asking a huge amount!

While I can find these, they stop caring about supply current which goes into the hundreds of uA!

Anyone got any suggestions please?

P channel mosfet is not enough?

trouble is, all circuits have leakage to ground via resistors and transistors etc...


--- Quote from: Tangent_Tracker on April 11, 2024, 09:07:05 pm ---trouble is, all circuits have leakage to ground via resistors and transistors etc...

--- End quote ---

There is an inherent speed / power trade off. 

How fast do you need this to work, and how dynamic is the reverse operation ? 

eg a circuit like this can be scaled for speed/current trade off.


Addit: One caution with that circuit, the reverse base-emitter breakdown needs watching at higher operating voltages.
Diodes Inc have a DZDH0401DW, that claims 40-50V reverse so presumably they address that.

Microsemi SFDS1045LH ideal solar diode might be a suitable choice: 0.5uA @ 45V leakage current / max. 10A forward current


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