Author Topic: replacing a projector bulb with leds  (Read 35554 times)

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Re: replacing a projector bulb with leds
« Reply #25 on: May 30, 2011, 01:31:12 pm »
DLP projectors (apart from very high-end cinema types which have 3 DLPs) have a monchome DLP and are switched sequentially, usually with a colour wheel. The actual modulation by the DLP is done by fast pulse-width modulation, as the micromirror positions are effectively either on or off. 
In that case using an RGB LED will automatically incr4ease the efficiency by a factor of three and the LEDs can be derated as the duty cycle is 33.33%.
Yes, however it's complicated by the need for optics to make all 3 LEDs project from the same place, to avoid misregistration.
Here are some pics of the insides of a LED pico projector
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