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Mains stabilizer 2KVA - Heavy metal (warning )

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One friend of my and customer , upgraded his  " mains backup "  electrical equipment in his medic lab,
and gave me an gift of more than 60 kilos weight ..  

It must be an Mains stabilizer  at 2KVA , its made in Greece from some company in Athens .

It must worth an small fortune , at list the transformers do.

Tested it with 220 AC , it looks to keeps the voltage stable at anything above 227 volts as input .

I deliberate feed it with 110V  and it gave an output of  140V ..  = 30V above the input.

Currently I have no use for it ,  but I am unable to trash it too ..

Enjoy the pictures ...    


yep a testimony to the poor quality of power supply greece (and italy) used to suffer. I think things are much better now and with most stuff running off SMPS it's almost a non issue

Well this device are operational for more than 15 years ,  and I blasted it with allot of compressed Air ,
so to move the dust away .. And it is still shinny , clean  , no marks of smoke , an perfect tool .
And it still works too ...  ;)
Only one small transformer from the many does an light buzzing ( needs some tightening in the screws ).

By my taste, I prefer true made tools , that have some mass and real components .

I have no idea about the efficiency factor of it  ( yet ) ,  but I will use my AC/DC clamp to measure it. 


Slightly off-topic question, isn't the common mains voltage supposed to be 230 VAC (220 is the obsolete old standard) in Greece, like here in Finland? Or actually single phase voltage is not directly defined, but the voltage between legs of 3-phase system is defined instead as 400 volts, which makes 400/?3 = 230.9 volts single phase.


yea we should all be on 230V I think Italy is as i measured it when i lived there


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