Author Topic: High power light source (waveguide + high power leds) feasibility?  (Read 598 times)

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So the most powerful LED you can get on the market today would be some sort of cree LED (like the type that comes in flashlight, single diode). I'm not sure how big they make them.

To make a focused directional source, is it possible to make wave guide which would accept light from a bunch of these LEDs and combine them to a single point? How easy would it be to make the optics (uv cureable resin + molds come to mind)? Or must it be glass ? Like accept the power of X amount of ultra bright LED's and then use a single reflector, to achieve an impossible light density at a small area.


3d printing a mold that is filled with some highly transparant plastic resin would be rad. Or perhaps even using water?????

You could use a whole bunch of switchmode modules and many batteries, making it highly reliable.
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