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making spiderman web shooters retractable


I've been struggling to brainstorm how to get my mechanical webshooters to retract its web line (thread) after being shot at full distance. But I need something very compact and enough to fit into the area where the reel is located and screwed in. So far I tried using retractable badge holders, the smallest retractable tape measurers (Yes I had to dissasemble them to experiment with the recoiling spring), to looking up motors that might produce retracting motions but to no avail. Is there any way I can make the web line (thread) retract back to the nozzle or any component(s) that is the most compact and basic in terms of expected functionality? Sean's Crafts on Youtube produced a similar one but his design and production was from scratch but I already had a fully asssembled pair of webshooters. Any suggestions or advice on how to achieve this with an already completed version.... or shall I say, modify it to retract the way I want it to?

Alex Eisenhut:
I'm thinking of a RC sailboat winch servo. But those things are a bit big and I don't think they have a one-way clutch either.

What a pity. If only they were compact and easier to integrate.


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