Author Topic: Resource or Guide: 'Certifications for selling consumer electronics worldwide?'  (Read 223 times)

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I'm in the process of bring a 110 - 240VAC product to market that contains an 'intentional emitter'. I want to learn more about what certifications are needed, and a bit about them. I am using a certifications consultant, but want to study up.

focus is on European and North American markets, but also some other major global markets. Especially interested when they deviate from what needs to be done for EU & USA..

Thinking terms like CE, FCC, CSA, European RED directive. Ideally stuff covering lithium batteries.

As well as mandated things like perhaps CE, what is practically needed or potentially beneficial to have, such as UL, VDE(?). As I understand retailers will insist on UL + ??.

I have found this book, which I may buy and read:

Has anybody read it?
Can anybody recommend any other or better resources?  :scared:

All the best
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I'm no expert on UL, but concerning the EU certifications, you need a layered top-down approach.

At the top level, there's CE, which is the manufacturer/importer's legal obligation. It's is a signed certificate of conformance that the equipment fulfills the norms needed/specified.

Below that, you have the directives, like EMC, LVD, RED etc., these are totally equipment-type related

And below that, you have the harmonized standards, usually with an ENxxxxx number.

VDE is no longer relevant, it's been replaced by the EU-wide regulations.


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