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Medium voltage AC amplifier
« on: May 06, 2012, 05:18:48 pm »
recently I got a beautiful keithley 2015, for who doesn't know it, it's a THD analyzer and a sine wave generator
packed in a general purpose bench multimeter.

I'm playing with led power supplies, the ones that I am working on are mainly single stage PFC-Flyback
designs, 5 to 30W power. I tought to use the 2015 for measuring current's THD of these led drivers.
Now I measured the THD of my mains voltage, 220V 50Hz, and it's about 2%
I need an AC power supply for testing, but no luck finding something at good price here, is usa there
are some on ebay but they are too heavy to ship at reasonable cost.

Here the crazy idea of the week:
the 2015 internal generator measures about 0.02% distortion and it's variable in both amplitude and frequency.
How much difficult would be to build an amplifier for the 2015, and using it as AC power
supply for these circuits?
The goal would be something like 150-270VAC 50Hz 300mA, but would be better 85-300Vac  40 to 70Hz.

Probably it will be linear and not very efficient, but i can use the 2015 to set the voltage and frequency.
Also how difficult would be maintaining a low THD?
Something like this as starting point:
Naturally it will be isolated from mains by a transformer or an smps circuit, that will create the
+-400V rails.

All suggestions are welcome, also something like "don't waste your time and buy an AC source"
but only if you can advice me what and where to search :)

Thank you,

Don't worry, the 2015 will be subject to the usual "teardown and photo" treatment asap :)
Fabio Eboli.

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