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Uncle Vernon:
Does anyone have any recommendations for an Australian supplier (or a supplier who readily ships to Australia) of printed Membrane panels. I am looking for someone who can produces prototypes and small batches up to A3 dimensions for realistic prices. (Yes I am realistic and no I don't want to finance someones kid through college.  ;) )

Any suggestions?

If anywhere, i think China will be where you will end up looking for a product like this.


Uncle Vernon:
Thanks Peter you are probably right in saying China, any suggestions from there?

The local suppliers I've found/used need quantity and/or cannot support the larger sizes. With prototypes it's never going to be easy.  Roll out Gillard's Combustion tax and nothing will be manufactured here period.

yeah, Gillard is hell bent on destroying whats left of Australia.

I dont know of any companies in China that work with Membrane Panels but if your going to have any luck anywhere, i would bet on China.

Uncle Vernon:
Your probably right. There are lots of CNC milling machines in Australia but it's cheaper and quicker for me to order custom aluminium panels from the USA, looking like this will be similar.  I'll keep searching.  Thanks for your reply.


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