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metal spiral shield around cables

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I have a couple USB cables from Hama that has a metal spiral shield https://be.hama.com/bilder/00183/abx/00183335abx.png . I was wondering if you can somehow get this kind of shield stand-alone to put around existing cables?

I have seen plastic wraps for smaller and larger diameter cables. Strip width was much wider and more manageable than seen in the picture. There are plastic spiral wraps coated with shiny metal, but that is different.
I have doubts that metal wrap is sold separately for consumers, as it would take ages to fit to existing cables. It looks very tight as well (too tight for manual application).

Alex Eisenhut:
Shield? It's a goose neck.



--- Quote from: Alex Eisenhut on September 20, 2021, 11:01:33 am ---Shield? It's a goose neck.


--- End quote ---

It seems like this is one of those occasions where once you know what the thing is called, the search becomes trivial. Thanks!

And if it’s not a gooseneck, it’d be called “armor”. (Shielding: electromagnetic protection. Armor: mechanical protection.)


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