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Microchip ICD2 to breadboard cable fabrication


I want to make an ICD2 to breadboard cable. I would like confirmation on what RJ plug to use on the ICD2 end. Is it an RJ11 or RJ12 plug thats needed? Also what cable can I use for this purpose. The cable only needs 5 wires. Can anyone recommend any suitable pins (individual if possible-Don't want to use a header) that will fit into a breadboards holes. I will obviously be using heat shrink to cover any solder joints and the flying wires on the cable. Thanks for any help.

P.S I will be using this with the PIC16F877. I'm assuming I don't need a dedicated header board for the ICD2 to be used with this chip. If using a 16F628 is a header board needed?

You need a RJ12 plug.
In case of a breadboard I simply use the cable itself. Since the wires are flexible I simply tin the tips. Don’t forget to label each wire to prevent mistakes.


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