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can a microscope like this be fitted with a camera to display on a monitor,if so any recomendations how to do it,ie focal length etc.[/img] i have access to a lath+ milling machine etc.

There are microscope cameras that are designed to plug in to the tube that the eyepiece fits into.  Check the diameter of this tube to make sure the camera will fit it.

have you a link etc?

The simple answer is yes.  Look up "camera microscope adapter."  (https://amscope.com/products/ca-nik-slr ) 

I used to use my CoolPix 900 that way.  With its macro ability, all you needed was to hold it about 1" from the eyepiece.  I made an adapter from PVC pipe.  However, unless you have through the lense focusing, it is not easy to focus.  I don't know how more modern cameras with autofocus work.  A cell phone camera probably would work too.

You probably will have better luck with the lowest power lenses for electronics.   The microscope you show uses transmitted light and with higher powers, getting enough light on the subject is very hard to do.

This is a projection eyepiece which goes instead of normal eyepiece and works with interchangeable lens cameras.
Placing a camera with built-in lens above a normal eyepiece is another technique.

I see no point even thinking about any of that unless OP actually intends to observe biological slides and needs the camera for some reason.


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