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Military Turbine Engine Generator MEP362A repair

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Hi All,

Thought I'd share a little electrical repair I did on a Generator Electronic Control Module (GECM) out of an MEP362A turbine engine genset. This is a 28 volt 10 kw APU designed for powering small aircraft on startup.

Pictures and a vid of some sweet turbine engine sounds here: https://neonkev.com/2021/08/01/military-jet-engine-generator-repair-mep362a/


Thanks for linking your web site on the MEP362A! That's (one of) my business(es) by the way, converting, maintaining and repairing ex-military genset turbine engines for applications in experimental / ultralight aviation, and recently also designing such units.

Regarding the maximum power output of the Tiernay TT-10 though, I've got to disappoint you. It's correct, someone put the statement into the public that this unit is capable of 150hp, but that's far from reality. The TT10 with its comparably small compressor inlet, relatively low RPM and only three main burners won't produce more than 60hp. Maybe this "Someone" just copied the figures of the Solar T-62T-32 engines that are also utilized in gensets (EMU-30/E) and usually go into "our" little helicopters...

If you need further manuals for the MEP362A, I've got several in PDF format, including detailed schematics of the control boxes, that I can provide. Just send me a PM if you want them...  ;)

Anyway, I enjoyed watching your video clip a lot, I really love how the exhaust flap gradually rises upon startup of the engine. These machines have something addictive, there's no thermodynamic engine of comparable simplicity (from a working principle point of view) with a comparable power density. And you can really feel that when firing up such a unit...


Glad I had the opportunity to work on something cool like this MEP and share! That's a neat business you're in Tom.

Appreciate the correction; I'll have to fix that exaggerated horsepower claim. I was dubious myself about the 150 horsepower figure. 150 HP is roughly 110 KW; that would be abysmal efficiency for a 10 KW electrical rating, even with considering the intrinsic low efficiency of smaller turbines and mechanical to electrical losses.

Even for a such a small engine with exhaust baffling it has quite a bark. You have to give guys like Frank Whittle credit for envisioning such a concept in an era where internal combustion was barely practical.

Back in the 80s, I spent some time working on the periphery of aviation. I didn't know it at the time, but one of my colleagues had spent time (as an apprentice, I think) with Whittle at Power Jets Ltd. I did know that another colleague was a friend of the Sopwiths...

Could you give us a high-res of the diagram on the inside of the cover?

What's the smallest (turbine) APU out there?
I need 5W to charge my phone. :-DD


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