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MOLEX crimp headers



I use picoblade and duo-clasp molex headers in my current projects, but as a hobbyist i cant afford £200 each to get the right tools. Does anyone know of any 3rd party crimping tools that work on these series, and are more affordable?

This hand tool works well for open barrel crimps. It's sold by most large electronics suppliers for about $35.

I also use a similar tool to the one linked above it works most of the time. I have found as my tool only has two sizes, don't crimp down to hard and if it is a cable that I am going to unplug a lot I like to apply a bit of solder where the wire is crimped to just add a bit more grip and durability.

I mainly use the Molex KK connecters though

Note that soldering wires is not allowed in many high-reliability environments because the solder is wicked into the wire, and stiffens this part. Metal fatigue is likely to occur in the area just past the solder. A good crimp is superior to soldering for wires. Not sure about bad crimp vs solder.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the advice, it turns out I have managed to convince work to buy me a crimp tool for the duo-clasp pins, as its a tool I would be unlikely to ever use again.

I have also ordered a cheapie ebay job for the picoblade pins, as have found people online recommending it. Its japanese, PA 09 Crimp tool.

I looked at 63811-1000, but its smallest size seems to be 1.4mm, which is too big for both the series I am using. The problem with both types is that at 1mm they are really fiddly to crimp correctly, and all the other molex crimpers I have don't fit well enough to do the job reliably.

I have around 300-400 wires to crimp, so need something that has a high success rate or else I will be here forever. The other issue is not having extractor tools for these series, failed crimps cannot easily be removed, so will be a lot of rework if anything fails.


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