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MOSFET and uC Fail with PWM Motors

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Hi all,
I am trying to drive a motor with PWM, and sometimes the mosfets burnt or the microcontroler fail the digital output (This port burns also).
I saw that working with 90% dutty is when mosfet more temperature gets, but if it is working 100% temperature is ok.
Microcntroler did not drive to the q3 because Vgs have to be more than 3.3V that's why I have Q13 Q15.
Q3 and Q4 are the power mosfets, N+P mos in soic 8 package.

I want to drive a motor with 2Amps and 24V.
Microcontroler from NXP MKV11 family.
Can you help me please, I have burned lots of SH8MA3TB1 (Q4,Q3, N+P mosfet) and few uC !!! and I can discover exactly why.



Is there someone that can help me?? :-[ :-[

From looking at the schematic, I see that the switching losses would be high even at a few KHz. I'm not going to do any calculations which I can only do crudely anyway.
The MCU damage is likely  being caused by a layout problem.
With the time and parts wasted trying to make  discrete circuitry work, you would have been better off using a made for purpose driver IC.
My pet part at the moment is the STGAP2D.

Do you know the maximum motor current draw when stalled?


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