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Mosfet as blocking diode-How?

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Someone at work mentioned they where using a MOSFET as a blocking diode. I think the application is solar cells. How is the Mosfet connected and how does it work in this config?


maybe a P chanel mosfet ? perhaps with a voltage divider supplying the gate so that if the panels drop below a certainly voltage the mosfet is switched off. Or perhaps there is a full blown control circuit to triget it ?

You can get mosfets with no internal diode

You can't get MOSFETs without a diode.

When a MOSFET is used as a blocking diode, the internal diode is normally used, it's just bypassed by turning the MOSFET on, so the forward voltage is much lower.

oh right true I can't think of a part. I thought they were specificly built in.

There must be more than just a mosfet involved then to control it


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