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My 32x RGB LED board

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here's a picture of the board (attached, i don't know how to add the picture)

On the back there are 2 RJ45 connectors with 48V power and RS485 on it.
the RS485 is used for the DMX512 communication (lighting control standard)

the led control is by TLC5941, at 3kHz refresh and 12 bit
the micro is an arm7 AT91SAM7S128

the boards are made on my own SMD pick and place (FLX2010V by essemtec),
board being made is our own 10/100mBit ethernet switch

i'm getting a new one in january (fast 4 head paraquda)


That's some professional stuff. How long does it take to design a huge project like that?

not too long
alot of software i allready writing for other products.
2 weeks for prototyping.
production of 1500 panels took 2 weeks with 2 persons.



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