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My first PIC program

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One reason more for trying a snubber and not worry about a 25us delay.
However, delay is a thing you can measure without even programming the PIC nor switching the triac, so you can go quite safe then.

I won't be delaying the pulse, just making it 5┬Ás longer than it needs to be.

How will a snubber make any difference to the triggering? I thought it only improved the turn off.

I was thinking about doing in circuit programming but then I realised it would be a pain. I'd have to put a diode in series with D3 and between D3 and C3 so the programmer's VDD isn't clamped to 2.5V and changing some of the IO pin positions. I decided it's not worth the bother, after all, once the PIC is programmed and debugged on a breadboard, it will never be changed.

I was thinking about measurign the actual delay between mains zero crossing and 0.375V crossing on the MCU pin.

My sentence about the snubber was quite confused, I'm not sure if what I was trying to say is right. However, you're right, it has nothing to do with triggering.

With almost any programmer you should be able to self-power the device circuit, at least by disconnecting the Vdd pin.
In-circuit programming is perhaps overkill for the purpose, but maybe in the future you could use the same circuit for something more complicated...


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