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Hello! i have some home made projects to show everyone. Z80 computers! I have been a fan of Z80 based systems for along time now, 20 years in fact. These particular ones in my photos which i will show you in a bit are based on a very popular system that i believe is still available to buy at:-


I first used these at Brooklands College in Weybridge, Surrey, in the UK 20 years ago!!! I liked them so much i decided to build my own. And here are my versions:-


This is not all of them as i had made six systems in total. I sold three sometime ago which i wish i hadn't done now. Anyway what ive done is to build and customise the existing design onto veroboard and
add lots of extra features that would be really usefull that didnt come with the original. The original Microprofessor had a CPU clock speed of 1.79 Mhz and at most 10Kb of onboard ram. My Most recent build of this computer which ive made this year, i gave it a clock speed of 12Mhz! and 256KB of battery backed ram!
Lots of the features of my systems are to do with making music and you can see they all have MIDI serial ports. The two larger ones also have 8 bit analogue to digital converters and 8 bit digital to analogue converters for sampling and playing back audio and also for audio signal processing.
I have various bits of outboard gear to go with them as you can see in the photos, LCD displays and a  retro LED matrix game board which i want to use to recreate John Conway's Game Of Life on.
Also in my most recent build im making an analogue synthesizer controlled by the computer which will be incorporated to the system and allow me to play it with a MIDI keyboard.
Well ive gotta fly for now but i will be back with more info on my projects so feel free to leave any comments or questios please.

Hi , have a look at this  :http://www.retroleum.co.uk/category/progress-report/
best z80 sbc ever !!

Hello again!
Ive been working on my Z80 computer projects and i have made a simple implementation of Conway's game of life you can see here:

Impressive. I dare you to try and get that past airport security :D

LOL, reminds me of the time I was carrying an Agilent Noise Source past security.

Never seen so much interest in a piece of test equipment by the hired goons.
When I told them it cost several thousand dollars, they gave it back real quick in case they dropped it  ;D

But yeah, that game of life would never make it far I reckon.


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