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Title: My implementation of the Nixie tube display project
Post by: intabits on June 05, 2017, 09:10:28 am
I've used the driver electronics that Dave came up with (TPIC6B595 chips), but a different construction/layout. I probably would have done something like this in any case, but needing neon bulbs for decimal points pushed it along. (My IN-12A Nixies have only the 10 digits cathodes, no DP)
I'm quite pleased with how this format worked out, as having the driver chips underneath the Nixies allows for short and neat connections between them

It works, but has some problems, which I attribute to pushing the limits of my homemade PCB capability. I expect to eliminate them by using manufactured PCBs, which are not far away.

Video is at:- (

The Arduino sketch that ran the demo is at:-