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Need to dejam an ATX power supply

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hi folks

I need to inprive the dejamming of an ATX power supply, which is a PWM power supply with active PFC, from whirring harmonics of the device itself and different kinds of ripple current generated by devices hanging on the molex connectors.

note: the improved dejamming needs to be on the molex/ATX-connector side.

My question is: does anyone know whether a bunch of film capacitors and ferrite cores usually suffice or do I need to do more work on it?

The ATX power supply almost completely looks like this one:

full size image:


what exactly do you mean by dejam ?

I've never heard of that either.

A quick Google search came up with this. I know that can't be it!

I think he refers to noise on the power rails.

And here are my ideas to his problem:
1. BIG decoupling caps ONTO the devices that hang on the molex connectors
2. Depending on what kind of noise you get:
    - Inductors in the individual power rails
    - Ferrite Cores (and please real ring cores) onto the individual power rails



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