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New ideas for dimming method for the LED Bulb

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Hi, everyone. I've just joined in this forum. 
The LED BULB has developed for more than 8 years. As an EE, we also seeking for some new/innovation features such as let the products support 'Wi-Fi' 'Blue Tooth' 'Infrared Control' 'Motion Detect' 'Light Detect' 'NFC' 'Touch Control' 'Temperature Control' 'Vibration Control' …
It seems all the features have been made out…
So, would you help to recommend some new features for the LED BULB? New topology, dimming method?

I don't want any crappy Internet features in an LED lamp. It would be very good to be able to buy a lamp with a very high relliability and efficiency, like the  Dubai lamp.

If it's going to have dimming, then it musn't be an LED reterofit lamp. Again as above, the lamp should be high reliability and efficiency. Ideally the installation should last for over 10 years, whilst maintaining >90% of the intial brightness. It should be nice and bright, with a full power setting of 5000 lumens, so I can use it for work. The dimmer control should be something fairly cheap and widely available, such as a potentiometer. No wi-fi, touch control, app, or any other rubbish.

Colour temperature control is handy, but I don't see the need to have a separate control for that. The lamp could have high colour temperature such as 5000k when set to 5000 lumens, going down to 3000k, when dimmed to 1000 lumens and 2000k at 250 lumens. That way I can have a high colour temperature, when it's bright and I want to stay awake and a soft, warm light, in the evening, before I go to bed.

I'd rather have a high quality product, with low running costs, rather than most of the consumer crap pushed nowadays.

Im with Zero999 here.

All i want is a reliable high efficiency bulb with minimal electronics. Much like those Phillips Dubai LED lamps that run twice the LEDs at half the max power.

Only problem is that consumers don't tend to buy these lamps because it costs twice as much as a regular cheap crappy bulb. So manufacturers don't have an incentive to make such high quality bulbs.

Terry Bites:
If it switches on and off and has a good colour temperature I am happy.
Life's too short for all this tech twiddle.
Like hive for people who cant use a thermostat!


I want NO NEW "features" to fail.




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